Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gum, Shoes & Douche bags

Hey people, it's been years! Well just one. I'm back, for now and I'm mad at society, again.

I'm going to talk about gum. Yes the one you chew, but I'm not gonna talk about the chewing aspect. I'm gonna talk about the douche bags who just spit it out on the floor.

Why do you torment people this way? Is it so hard to throw away the gum in the trash? Being lazy is not an excuse because if that's the case, you may as well swallow it.

I speak for most people here when I say this. I don't want to step on your shit. It's annoying when I walk and it's a pain in the ass to remove.

I want to live my life knowing I don't have to look at the ground every second I walk down the street. What if I were to look down while a UFO passes by?

There goes my chance to see a UFO in person....... thanks.


  1. Stepped in a huge ass piece of gum yesterday too. lol.

  2. Hey, welcome back. Howz life?
    Bubble gums doesnt bother women much, our pointed wheels helps us :)
    Singapore actually banned bubblegums because people were sticking it in trains and stuff, but Singapore is a country which fines people who litter as well.

  3. LMAO meandmythiningcap sent me here and I just did the exact same post almost today, damn douchebags won't throw it in the trash.


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