Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Sunday...

Remember that I went to be an extra on The Glades?

Well, it airs this Sunday July 31, 2011 at 10 PM EST on the Channel A&E!

In UK, 10PM here is 3AM for you.

For those of you outside the US and that don't have cable. the channel will stream on this:

I hope this works for all of you so you can see it and keep an eye out for me in the church scene!


  1. What you should do is remind us the scene you're on on the day >.>

    <.<... But I already set to record it.

  2. Awesome, but you are competing against Breaking Bad... so... lemme know when you get a spot on that show? I kid, I'll probably record it on another TV.

  3. That's so awesome :D my friend was an extra in The Notebook.

  4. The server is temporarily unavailable... hope that changes.

    Congrats! I hope this leads to bigger and better things.

  5. I will definitely check it out if you are in it! I've never seen the show before, but I have seen it torrent....err legitimate rental facilities.

  6. congrats on getting the part! how does one get into a show anyway?

  7. yeah, screencap it man! Then we can put funny quotes and pretend you were an actor on it! haha

  8. For us in the UK, can you screen it here later.


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