Monday, July 18, 2011

Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 1 "Boxcutter"

What an episode!!!! I almost missed it! I got lucky and found it at the last minute before starting streaming live on a site and got to see the whole thing! 

If you didn't see it, well, maybe It might be posted on here at the end of the post!

Also remember I put up photos and questioned why Gus was holding a box cutter?
We find out what the box cutter is used for!!

Also, instead of sulfuric acid returning in this episode, hydrofloric acid makes an appearance!!!

I bet you're itching to know whats cooking!

See for yourself!!( Click red button, close ad and then click it again when green, enjoy!!)


  1. i still need to check this show out. but i want to start with s01e01.

  2. Awesome awesome awesome!! I cant wait to check out the primer!!

  3. Watched "Box Cutter" this morning with the Wife, I so excited for this new season. Breaking Bad rules

  4. Am I the only one that hasn't seen this show? I feel so left out! :(

  5. I bet they are making a great taco sauce! man, made with sulferic acid? sounds a bit sour, but probably really good!

  6. I waited to read this because I foolishly waited to watch the opener. That was intense. Although the episode could also have been called "Bedpan".

  7. I keep hearing from way too many people that this is a magnificent show, but I have never had time to check it out myself. I think I might look up some episodes on some of the torrent...err legitimate rental distribution facilities.

  8. God, I love this show! And I love that they brought the acid back haha

  9. Definitely will be looking into this series. Thanks!

    New follower, just set up some new blogs too if you'd like to check me back!

    Sweet blog, keep it up!


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