Monday, June 27, 2011

On the set of 'Rock of Ages'

So last Friday, I was called to be an extra in the movie 'Rock of Ages', which stars Tom Cruise, Alex Baldwin, Russell Brand and Bryan Cranston just to name a few.

I got there two hours early so I had to wait, but time went fast and they sent me to wardrobe. There I showed them the clothes I brought but they said they already had too many rocker types and need beach dudes. So they gave me a tie-dyed t shirt, bathing trunks and sandals. Next part was to go to get my hair done. I went with it all combed and nice and then what the woman there said to the hair dresser was to make it "beachy".

So that what I looked like for the scene.The picture was taken with an iPhone, from the 80's! I had to shave my goatee off for it though, but its worth it!
I was ready at 5:30 PM and I basically had to wait the whole day because it started to rain and we couldn't to the scene till, wait for it......12 AM!
I was waiting for about 6 hours without doing anything! Well I was talking with the other extras making fun of some people and their wigs because they looked like Andy Warhol with their pasty white skin and all.
I walked around a bit also. This is a club so there is a lot of space, inside and out. There was a shit load of snacks on the counter where all the extras where too!

This was the part of the club where we were waiting at. It was pretty cool. You would pretty much think you were stuck in the 80's for a day.

The day was going slow, so I went out for a walk to see the set from afar, since is was still raining.
As I was going downstairs, I bumped into a tall fellow who looked very much like a wrestler by the name of Kevin Nash. Turns out, it WAS Kevin Nash!
He has a role in this film, which I still don't know yet because he was filming another scene than the one I would be in.

He is probably a security guard or a very tall roadie who always looks pissed off for some reason.

Yep, he always has that face.

Anyway, I didn't want to bother getting a photo with him because I also don't want to get kicked out of the set, and also he looked very pissed, but then again he is probably the happiest guy on the planet. I bumped into him two more times, one when were are going to eat and again when I walked inside to get a drink from the cast and crew only place. I got coconut water. And he still looked angry, eating chicken.

So it's time to do the scene because it stopped raining and its getting very late. We are all sent to the beach bar with the stage. At first I was placed in the back, from what you see on the photo here, I was pretty far from the stage.

But then when they start placing people in specific orders, they placed me right in the front of the stage, in the first row! So basically the put me in front of all those people you see in the photo!

In the scene, Julianne Hough, I think, is singing on stage while the crowd of extras are cheering! She is singing a song, prerecorded of course, but I couldn't find it anywhere! It must be originally made for this movie...

The movie is set to come out in July 1, 2012. hopefully I get so see a glimpsed of myself in the crowd, which I'm hopeful because I'm in the first row.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Booked! Again!!

This time it isn't a TV show, it's a Movie!!!!

I'm so excited they called me for another great opportunity!Like last time, I will get back with details about how it went!

Meanwhile I'm doing my thing, can you guess what the movie is?

(Hint) It is originally a Broadway Musical set in the 80's!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bam Margera should be put on suicide watch!

Ok, this really broke my heart. Watching Bam Margera cry over his best friend Ryan Dunn which recently passed away. Just imagine if your best friend which you know from your childhood and you grew up together and even worked together just dies.You would feel very bad! It's hard to see Bam like this and it looks like he won't get 100% for awhile. My opinion is that he should be placed on suicide watch because if not he will go on a drinking binge that lasts a week and he has done that before but it was due to the fact he was getting a divorce! So imagine what he will do because of this, which is 100 times worse!

Also he was interviewed by the news network on the site and he can barely complete full sentences! He is in so much pain right now! He is going to dehydrate crying!

And the people stealing wreckage from the woods to sell on eBay aren't helping! Those aren't fans of Jackass, they are just ignorant people who want to make a buck or two over the death of someone famous.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Breaking Bad Season 4 Update!

Another trailer has been released and this time it has new footage from the 4th season that comes out in July 17!

It's only 30 seconds but if you are as into this show as I am, it is totally awesome!!! It is still a tease because July 17th is still a couple of weeks away!

It states that Walt is not in danger but he IS the danger! Looks like Heisenberg is gonna lose it!!

Who is that lurking above Walt and Jesse? Probably The Angry Lurker.

It was probably just Gus, but whats the box cutter for?

Jackass 3.5 Review

In memory of Ryan Dunn, I decided to watch 'Jackass 3.5', it was the only one I had not seen yet.

I actually liked this movie more than 'Jackass 3D'. It had so many stunts that where not shown before and they were really extreme.

One stunt featured Steve-O getting his ass bitten by an alligator snapping turtle! It left a nice bruise!

There was also more of Ryan Dunn in this one. It featured him with his best friend, Bam Margera, pranking the unprankable, Johnny Knoxville. This one actually took the show because it was just too disgusting and too funny!

Johnny Knoxville usually put on a prescribed lotion on his face and Ryan and Bam got a hold of it and put horse semen in it. Knoxville was then seen putting it on and saying, "This is more stringier than usual." LMAO!!

They got him good!

I must say this movie was one of the best Jackass movies, right next to 'Jackass Number 2' which has to be the best one of all! But then also I really liked the first one, so they are all good!

The chances of them getting back together and making another film doesn't look that good now because they have just lost one of their brothers. Maybe they will do a tribute show for Ryan Dunn by having them perform stunts that Ryan Dunn had performed before in his honor.

So if you watch this, remember it as the last time the whole gang was together....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ryan Dunn of Jackass dead?

This is a very sad event that occurred today June 11th 2011 at approximately 3 AM in Pennsylvania.

Ryan Dunn was driving his Porsche and crashed into the woods and the car instantly caught on flames.

They identified his body by his signature beard and hair and tattoos. The other body in the car still has not been identified.

 He was only 34 years old and that is extremely young! It really sucks he had to go this way and when I heard about it, at first I thought it was fake because of his latest (last) movie to come out called 'Living Will', in which his character dies of constipation and then comes back as a ghost. This could have been a prank also, but I don't think the Jackass crew would pull something as twisted as this.

The most famous thing he was known for, or I think he was known for was that in the Movie 'Jackass', he put a toy car into a condom, lubed it up and shoved it up his ass and went to a doctor to get X-rays.

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn, many people will shoved toy cars in their asses in your memory...

Here's the movie trailer of his last movie 'Living Will':

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Useless Super Powers 2

Heart Attack Man!

He doesn't give heart attacks to anyone but himself! He can't control it but he has the ability to feel it coming and grabs his chest when so.

He also turns red when he is near bulls.

He lives in Spain and is a Bull fighter.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Time Out..

It really annoys me when someone says the words "Time Out" when they are not referring to any sport and they also do the little hand movement, pictured to the right using my logo's stickfigure.

Last time I heard someone say and do it was when they were talking about buying a crib. The guy just randomly interrupts and says "Time Out" while doing the hand movement, so he can ask a question.

I swear if anyone said that to me, I'll just freeze until they say "Time In". Seriously....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Decision.....

I'll keep blogging.... I not gonna let this little, annoyance, stop me!

Also, if adsense has failed you as well, join Bidvertiser! Look on the top right hand for the referral!

That's how many fucks I don't give!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That Awkward Moment When...

....Your Google Adsense Account is disabled for no real reason.

I'll still post, hopefully the appeal is in progress and it resolves it, if not I'll take my business to some other website for ads if, Google won't appreciate my.... generosity.....

And as requested by Rob's Nerd Blog:

Vote on the new poll, it could be the last one.... maybe..... change my mind... will ya....

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Useless Super Powers

Have you ever wondered 'what-if' you had a useless super power?

How about turning an exaggeration into a super power?

As you see to the right, I'm sweating bullets! Well it's pretty much useless unless you've got a gun to use those bullets with and in that case, UNLIMITED AMMO, as long as you are hydrated all the time.

Pretty sweet huh?           Yeah....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So this is what went down.... Part 3

The first two parts, if you missed them!
Part 1
Part 2

In this part, I will talk about the main cast that was on set during the shooting of the scenes I was in. I couldn't go running up to them for a photo or anything because they are 'in the zone' meaning they are in character and as an actor I totally understand that.

First up was the main actor of the show, Matt Passmore.

He plays Detective Jim Longsworth.

He is a detective from Chicago that leaves because I guess he supposedly banged his bosses wife. He came to Florida because he thought it was going to be more relaxing but it turns out there are more murders here!

Second up is the supporting actor, Carlos Gomez.

He plays Dr. Carlos Sanchez.

He is Longworth's friend and colleague, a forensic pathologist who works the crime lab, supervisingtoxicology screens and autopsies.

At first when I saw him I said to myself, "He looks familiar."

Guess what? I had met him before LMAO!!!

This was the same day I had met Christopher Mintz-Plasse(McLovin) and Aaron Johnson!

As far for the other actors on the set, they seem so familiar but I couldn't find them on them on the IMDB page, so I have to wait for the episode to air on TV so I can look them up on the credits. It was this old guy with a mustache who played a reverend and this girl who spoke in tongues while inside the church.

I'll remind you on my blog the day before the episode airs to set your channels to A&E at 10 pm Eastern Time. If you miss it, I'll also try and post the part I was in on my blog. But remember, if you do watch it, try to find me!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

So this is what went down.... Part 2

Part 1

Well afterwards, they began picking people to film the scenes. At first I didn't get picked. But then they got everyone else to go to the set and they put everyone in specific places. I am on a bench behind the main actors. 

I basically had to pretend to be talking with someone about The Bible. We really couldn't speak loud but he was pointing at words in the Bible and pointed specifically at the word 'Hebrews' and said "I hate them." 

Anyway, the scene afterwards is the best one! We are inside the church and I am in the first row where all the action is happening! I'm not gonna spoil what happens but it gets crazy in there!

When it does air, and if you see me, take a pic and link it! (I'll be wearing khakis and a blue plaid shirt, My hair is long and I have a goatee, I actually stand out from everyone else!)

I'll try to put the clip on here when it airs July 24, 2011 (that's an estimate)

Channel is A & E and it is Season 2 Episode 8

Part 3 coming up? You betcha!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So this is what went down....Part 1

Yehlyre: It wasn't Dexter for several reasons, it's on its 6th Season to air this year and its not filmed in Miami, its filmed in L.A.

Astronomy Pirate: Yes you got it right! It's The Glades.

As soon as I got there, they asked us to park in the parking garage next to the tents but on the fourth floors. I get out of the car and to my surprise I found this on the floor.----------->
(That's for you, Mrs. Pickle)

I turn around and face my dad and while pointing at it and said,
"So this is how they make it in Hollywood."

So my dad leaves me and I end up going to the tent, which is for extras (Sorry ed). I'm there with my dufflebag with the other outfits, a water bottle, some snacks and my book, Night by Elie Wiesel, which is about the Holocaust and how he survived it.

See where I'm going with this?

I'm in that tent with other people dressed similarly to me and separated from everyone else. They explain to us that they will takes us from the tent to the set in white vans. They also said leave you stuff behind. So they would transport us, similarly to how the Nazi transported the Jews in trains to the Concentration camps and made them leave their belongings behind.

I made that comparison for the hell of it but it was really a great experience! The people there are very nice. They always wanted to keep you hydrated for some reason, but that's alright. They had snacks everywhere, air conditioning, bathrooms and everything to keep everyone happy.

Then they told us to step into the showers. lol

Stay tuned to part 2

I'm breaking this into parts if not it will be too long and you wont read the whole thing!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Extremely Tired.... It lasted 12 hours..... From 7 AM to 7 PM

And  this is not the update, don't worry... Give me a day to write something epic...k thanks


Want to guess the show I was on??

Hint: It's filmed in Miami and this is the second season. Good luck.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Booked!

I'm booked for a TV show, so this is one of those posts where I'll just have to get back to all of you with how it went!

I'm really excited because it's the first time I've gotten booked before!

Hollywood, here I come!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tongue and the Taco

Yesterday, during my break at work, I went to Taco Bell to get the usual: two 7 layer burritos, but this time with one of them having the Lava Sauce. "Gotta have that sauce 'cause I'm the sauce boss!"

Well anyway this 'thing' to your right is the 7-layer burrito. It actually really good. The 7-layers are tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, rice, beans, sour cream and guacamole. But with that Lava Sauce, it becomes a deliciously, spicy 8-layer burrito!

This thing to the left is the Lava Sauce. Now this sauce is exclusive to the Volcano Taco and the Volcano burrito, but I hustled a 'lil bit with the employees there to get that sauce in the 7-layer.

So I choose to eat the Lava 7-layer first, so I have the regular one to cool me down. I didn't think it was going to be extremely hot, so I took a bite and I burnt the tip of my tongue! At first it wasn't that bad but then the Lava Sauce kicked in and then it really took affect!

Anyway, after a couple of hours, I noticed I couldn't taste with the tip of my tongue. I'm guessing the little hairs that are on the tongue, also called taste buds, got burnt and now I have to wait for them to grow or heal so I can taste again. Probably takes a couple of days, so it's not that bad.

Now I'll just leave you with this video of a dog eating a burrito in 1 second, Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hitman: Absolution

With E3 on this week, only one title so far has caught my attention and it's the new Hitman Game.

I've been waiting for this game since I finished the last one, Hitman: Blood Money. I have every game and they are all very good, but each time a new one comes out, they make it so much better. They improve many things and add new features as well. My favorite feature from the recent one had to be pushing people off ledges to make it look like an accident.

Some of the new features in the game will be:

  • Being to hide in the shadows from your enemies. This means no more running and hiding in the closet!

  • This time there will be dynamic music, hopefully by Jesper Kyd. Dynamic meaning that the music changes as you progress through the game, much like how they did in Red Dead Redemption.

  • There will be more environmental objects to use to kill your enemies with.

  • Detailed graphics, better lighting and fluid transitions. (The graphics have improved DRASTICALLY)

  • Full body Avatar style CGI

  • Last but not least, Instinct mode, which is something similar to detective mode in the game Batman Arkham Asylum, which makes important things on the mission glow, such as an electrical wire you can use to , lets say, choke and enemy and X ray vision!

Take a look at these screenshots! (click on them so you can see the detail!)

Obviously, Agent 47 can use human shields once again!

Looks like Agent 47 is choking down this guard!

Agent 47 is a wanted man after what happened in the last game.

This looks like a first in the series, using items other than the piano wire to choke enemies!

Looks like melee combat makes a return and he looks like he has skill!

And of course, if YouTube loves you, here's the trailer! (hopefully it doesn't get taken down!)

Let me know what you think about this game and if you are a fan of the other games in the Hitman series.

Also what other games are you looking forward to seeing at E3?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Car Tetris and the Lousy Tip'r

I talked about this on an old post: people and their small cars and also: tipping, but let me bring them up again and combine them. Last week I had to help a customer to his car and when I got there I was glad to see his car wasn't a mini cooper. What I didn't know was that is was full of their luggage and other boxes from other stores. A new game of TETRIS had begun!

After 15 minutes arranging everything in the mans car perfectly like a beautiful perfect clear in the hot sun, the man reaches down into his back pocket, takes out his leather wallet, opens it up, goes through all his cash and hands me a........DOLLAR!!!!!


I felt like giving him that dollar back! I mean who in their right mind, after 15 minutes in the hot sun, after rearranging your luggage and boxes and purchases in the fucking car hands over a dollar!?!?

I mean my work at least deserved a crisp five dollar bill!!! I took the money anyway and no pocket birdies  where involved this time. As soon as the fucker turned around I pulled off one of these:
I call it the "I don't need your money, but I'll take it anyway!"
If you where to put yourself in my situation, you would do the same thing.

As for the tips, the tip book has increased, spanning two pages now, here's the update below:

Total: $186.43

And as for that $50.00 tip on the first page, here's the story.

I liked going back to mentioning some of my old posts to refresh some of you that have been following me from the beginning and to give my new followers a taste of what they have been missing! Remember, it's just the beginning of the week, so let see what else is in store for me!

Monday, June 6, 2011

X-Men: First Class

So yesterday after work I got an unexpected text from thenitefalls to go see the new movie, 'X-Men: First Class'. We had about 20 minutes to get to the theatre before it started and we decided to go. After parking the car and playing the parking lot game running towards the theatre, we get our tickets and went inside.

We got there late and missed only a small fragment of the film(5 minutes) which nothing really important happened.

Anyway, I totally recommend this film. It has it's flaws but after reading why the director made some changes to characters, it was worth it. The changes are minor really. Instead of Cyclops(Scott Summers), we have Havok(Alex Summers), his brother.

In the comics, Cyclops is older than Havok, but in the film, Havok is older instead but it's not that much of a big deal unless you are a hardcore Uncanny X-Men Extreme Nerd...(see what I did there?)


Anyway, setting that aside, this has to be one of the best Marvel movies made so far and definitely the best X-Men movie too! I am really looking forward to seeing it's sequels as they had announced this being a whole new trilogy. I really like the direction they've taken this film with and it was definitely worth watching.

Also, that red guy that looks like a devil on the top photo next to beast is Azazel. He eventually bangs Mystique, the blue lady and out comes Night Crawler, hopefully they keep this idea for its sequels.

So yeah, I haven't spoiled anything from the film for you guys and girls but you have my word to go on and watch it!

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