Friday, May 6, 2011

Indian Food

Chilled Monkey Brains.
So yesterday I went to an Indian Restaurant. Now I haven't been to one in years!! Not since I left England! I remember that it had to be one of the greatest cuisines ever!! I still remember the aroma the restaurants would have. It smelled like curry, or something like that. You also are probably thinking, "Indian food?! Didn't he ever watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"?

Well obviously Hollywood they exaggerated a bit.... just a bit.....

Well, this time as I entered the restaurant, a wave of nostalgia hit me, or should I say, my nose!

To start it off, I got an appetizer.
Spinach Samosa: It is a pastry. It tasted very good, and thats because I like Spinach.

I also got: 

Naam Bread: It has a very distinctive taste. I held on to some of it to dip in the mint sauce and the korma sauce.

And for the main course:

Tandoori Chicken with mint sauce. Now this was very, very good!
Honestly it was not as good as the one in England, but this is as good as it gets here!


Lamb Korma: I'm not a big fan of lamb, but this sauce is very over powering
 and it just taste as if you were eating anything else. The sauce was excellent!

And for dessert, thats right you guessed it: Chilled Monkey Brains

Jaggery Dosa: It's a golden crepe smothered with
warm sugar cane, with roasted nuts and vanilla icecream!

As you can see, there was no Eye ball soup, Snake surprise or, unfortunately, no Chilled Monkey Brains. So if you ever have an opportunity, go ahead and try it! You won't regret it! There was also a nice live performance on a stage. A man kept saying KALIMA and actually pulled out the heart of another person. Amazingly, the other person was still alive and was able to eat his Chicken Korma with skipping a beat!



  1. i am just about to go out for lunch, i won't eat any of that but if i could i would try it cos it looks delicious!

  2. Had some Lamb Korma from an Indian restaurant recently and loved it.

  3. Indiana Jones- yeah, infact Indian cuisine has the most largest number of vegetarian dishes. Every edible product from India has green dot or brown to indicate veg and non-veg and majoritity of population are vegetarians. And where did they idead like tht, I dunno but in southeast asia - Malaysia and Singapore they do have dog(not hotdog) and monkey recipes.
    And cook the above at home :)

  4. I am so glad i live in a major metro area... I have an Indian place down the street in the same area as a Thai place, and Cuban place...

  5. im soooooo hungry ... it looks so good :D

  6. YUK!! I absolutely hate Indian food especially curry, I should like it because I like spicy food, the smell just turns my guts!!!

  7. Naam bread is flipping good! And now that I know how they make their sause (out of human hearts) I will eat it more often! :D

  8. I love Indian food. I first became acquainted with it when I went vegetarian many years ago.

  9. Haha... kalima... KALIMA!!!

    I saw the monkey brains dinner on Face of Death when I was like 12. It scarred me to the point where I didn't eat Indian food until I was 25.

  10. nomnomnomnom this looks nicee, giev!! :D

  11. lol so thats what he meant. i fucking love samosa's!

  12. Samosas=Winning. I'm hungry now. damn you! but looks delish and im making indian tonight!

  13. Spinach samosa. Mmmm I love em. Everything else though... I haven't had. Hmph. I'll give it a try one day, I'm sure

  14. oh man that looks so good. i need to eat some of that

  15. It all looks good! Did you eat all that by yourself? ;)

  16. Indian food is soooo good.

  17. The Jaggery Dosa looks so delicious! I could go for some right now!

  18. MMMM I haven't had breakfast yet :/ this makes me hungry >:O

  19. Never had Indian food before, maybe it's time to try.


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