Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Answers To Your Questions! asked: Why does it burn when I pee? 
You should be asking that question to a doctor not me, but I'll say not enough potatoes.

...Almost Out Of Ink asked: What is the best use of duct tape?
I hope this answers your question: 

Mount Aenos asked: how do you meet so many famous people?
My dad was a movie critic and I'd go with him to the interviews.

D4 asked: Why do you meet so many famous people? Out of the ones you've met, who is your favorite famous person? I haven't been here long, but I'm pretty sure you want to be an actor, right? What would be your dream role, or goal?
My dad was a movie critic and I'd go to the interviews. 
My favourite person that I've met has to be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, because I used to like wrestling so much.
Yes a want to be an actor.
My dream role would be something like Indiana Jones, but I wouldn't want to mess with the Indiana Jones movies. I would also like to write the script of a film and direct it.

thenitefalls asked: Would you rather suck a girl's pepe or lick a guy's whispering eye?
I'm pretty sure you got the two mixed up! LOL


  1. (to the baby) Hey, whatcha doing?
    (baby) oh nuthin, just hangin out.

  2. pretty funny. Heard tht in space mission if any astronuat freaks out and sabotages the mission they use duct tape to restrain him.
    Poor cute baby.

  3. I'm pretty worried about "thenitefalls", that's some weird $hit

  4. @Ray Rousell: He was trolling hard!

  5. Good to know how you met so many famous ppl. And that's kewl you wanna be an actor. Goodluck with your goals.

  6. why did baby ducktape him self to da walla ^^

  7. awh duct holds together the universe, what would we be doing without it :D

  8. Ha! More potatoes? Maybe more cowbell...

    I love the questions people came up with...

  9. Wow that's so cool that you're dad is a film critic. I guess meeting so many actors has inspired you to act as well?
    and omg the baby lool

  10. thenitefalls's question is going to give me nightmares.

  11. wow, your dad is a critic! Thats so rad. For a newspaper/print publication or is he on TV?

  12. my question was the best.

  13. Well that's awesome! A famous actor to-be answered my questions. I rock.

  14. You should pass on the baton to someone maybe Banacek with this Q&A. We can have a marathon.
    And nitefalls would make it "nitemareathon"

  15. @shutterbug- here the answer- it starts with v and ends with a and has a alcoholicdrink in it and only XX chromosome ppl have it.

  16. That is awesome you got to meet all these people

  17. Well that's awesome! A famous actor to-be answered my questions. I rock.
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