Friday, April 29, 2011

Arrivederci, Matematica!

So guess what? I passed my math class with a B+! That means I get to graduate and everything goes out as planned. But let me start from the beginning....

The Day is 4/28/2011
I awoke at 5 AM and was at school around 6:30 AM. My test starts at 11 AM so I have a couple of hours to study a bit more. I wait till 7 AM for the computer courtyard to open and once in there I blog a little bit, check my email and get on Facebook. At 8 AM I begin to study. I am also avoiding any liquids until after the test so I don't get interrupted by my bladder. Anyway as I was studying, I felt a rumbling in my stomach and as soon as I finished going over all my notes, I went to the clean bathroom on the other side of school. When I got there, to my surprise, it was being cleaned!!!! So I waited about 10 minutes, which felt like 2 hours, outside until the Janitor left.

 So I march inside, run into the handicap stall (more space) and apply the layers of toilet paper onto the seat (half the roll of paper) and sit down. As I am doing my business, I notice there are mosquitoes everywhere!!! So as I am pushing, I am also slapping the air and kicking around so I won't get raped by them! You could tell these mosquitoes had been here for a while. They were bigger than usual. probably fat from all the ass blood they get.

Anyway, I finish, clean my self and go back to studying. It should be about 9 AM and all of a sudden I start scratching my ass. Then I think to myself, 'Did a mosquito just get me in my ass?" I go to the nearest bathroom and check. It got me, in the left cheek.....FML... So I try to ignore it but as I am studying, I'm also scratching my ass every 15 seconds.

Let skip all the way to the test.

I enter the room. I am feeling like the BEAR JEW with a bat and math is the Nazi about to get hit in the head. The only problem is, he can just stand up and kill me.

This was a life
or death situation. I wanted to graduate NOW! I took that test and raped the problems out of it!



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