Thursday, March 3, 2011

PETA has contacted me......

...nah just kidding!! Some of you think PETA should go for those guys that gave that hamster Four Loko. But what PETA should really go after is the guy that kicked the owl at a Football(soccer) game in Columbia. That poor owl died hours later from shock.

Bogota - Colombia's most famous owl died Tuesday, after being kicked by a footballer during a match in an incident that caused international outrage.

Panamanian defender Luis Moreno, of Deportivo Pereira, apologized for having kicked the mascot of the Barranquilla club Atletico Junior during a Colombian championship match between the two teams Sunday. Various football and environmental authorities are contemplating sanctions, but harm to the animal turned out to be definitive.

Humberto Mendoza, director of Barranquilla's Department of the Environment, said the owl died at the vet's of a likely capture- related myopathy, an illness generated by the accumulation of lactic acid due to excessive manipulation.

The owl, who lived on the roof of Atletico Junior's Roberto Melendez stadium, was part of a group of birds that are the club mascots. The owls regularly fly around during games at the stadium, and they get a lot of attention from TV cameras.

On Sunday started to fly around as usual. This time, however, it landed on the pitch and was hit by the ball, leaving it apparently stunned.

Moreno, 29, a defender, approached the bird and kicked it out of the pitch, which unleashed the anger of local fans. The crowd shouted "murderer" at the player, while several fellow footballers scolded him.

Police went to Pereira's hotel Monday in Barranquilla and notified Moreno that administrative proceedings had been launched against him by Barranquilla environmental authorities for possible animal abuse.

The authorities said that he faces anything from a fine to 45 days in jail.


I think his punishment should be to drink 12 Four Loko's and get kicked in the balls, repeatedly.


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