Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Four Loko

For those who wanted to know what Four Loko was:
It is a line of alcoholic energy drinks.
The name "Four" is derived from the drink's original four main ingredients: alcoholcaffeinetaurine, and guarana. It also contains carbonated water, sugar, and natural and artificial flavoring.

People basically drink it for one purpose only...To get you fucked up. It get's you drunk and keeps you up.

8 delicious flavours

What it equals to.

I hope this clears things for everyone.


  1. Oh yeah these.
    As it turns out, caffeine and alcohol are a pretty mean combo.
    Who would have guessed?

  2. I wished I tried 4 loko before it was banned

  3. isnt the chicagoian drink soon to be banned?

  4. 4loko... gotta love the price tag for that little can.

  5. Hahaha I want to try one now lol

  6. Is it banned in the USA, there will be no chance of getting it in the UK then, equal to 3 red bulls and nearly five beers!

  7. Thanks for the clarification. And here I thought, I was the only one that doesn't know what a Four Loko is.. :)


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