Sunday, February 13, 2011

Passing the word around..

Today I'm gonna take a break from writing something random and just show you some great blogs and sites that are out there and have caught my attention.

He writes about music you've probably have never heard of! He has good taste in music and goes from progressive rock to folk to jazz to classical and beyond! Check out his blog!

Second up we have:
He's got posts about how epic life truly is! I think I've said enough with that lol...

Third up we've got:
He writes about the random cool shit this world has to give! Ranging from a story to fake atm receipts, check it out!

And last but not least:
He's an artist who paints very beautiful paintings! He also sells his works if you are interested, so go check them out!


  1. No love for scotch blog?? Son, I am dissapoint

  2. I WANT TO BE BITTER TOO! I'M BITTER! haha, no worries. I do follow them already I think. I'm a bit unorganized at the moment.

  3. congrats to the elite who made the list!

  4. Great blogs :)

    You should change your link colors because they really clash with white and make it hard to read; a darker color would be best.

  5. Thanks Zoe! I changed it to red. Now it's visible!

  6. Damn! you missed my blog out too..... 80)

  7. I need the exposure dude.....will check them out.LOL

  8. Interesing post man!!

    $uporting return favor!!

  9. думаю это приемлимо сдесь сударь

  10. Yeah, I think I'm already following them. Thanks, though!

  11. i love all these blogs, ur right about nightfalls his music taste blows my mind



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