Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Sunday!

So let me sit in my tree chair and relax while wearing my crocs.
Also check out these blogs that have caught my attention:

In no particular order..

Thingamajig: Takes pictures of things, makes them small and you gotta guess what they are!

Conqueso: Likes to stitch video game characters!

The Angry Lurker: Has awesome miniature scale figures!

Me And My Thinking Cap: Thoughts and poems!

Bar Science: Learn great tricks to perform at a Bar to attract the ladies!

Merkal: Random, Awesome, Funny pictures!

Well This Doesnt Suck: The name totally gives this one away, doesn't it?

Custom Pong Tables: This one gives it away too!

Simply Scotches: Learn how to enjoy a great Scotch with this blog!

Bulking Jobra: To get buff and look at randomness!

All Around Toto: Lately, it's about dangerous bridges!

Stuff That Matters Stuff That Dont: Awesome stuff.


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  2. Nothing in life is more relaxing than a pair of crocs.

  3. Good picture and thanks for the mention:)

  4. Thingamajig and Bar Science are two awesome blogs. different. Cool, very cool, but you would never think about combining cross-stitching and video games. His Yoshi is awesome.

    I'll be checking out the rest soon!

  5. Hey that's really awesome! I just stopped by to show my support!

  6. cool natty chair, thanks for the link bro.

  7. Hey! Thanks for mentioning my blog! :)


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