Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day in the Life of a School Janitor

-4:00 AM     Wake Up
-4:04 AM     Eat breakfast
-4:11 AM     Shower
-4:20 AM     Smoke a blunt
-4:32 AM     Head out
-5:01 AM     Start work
-5:10 AM     Go to janitors closet
-5:17 AM     Clean toilets
-5:29 AM     Clean walls
-5:47 AM     Mop floors
-6:00 AM     Meet up with other janitors and gossip about what goes on. and schedule next protest
-6:34 AM     Mop vomit
-6:43 AM     Mop MORE vomit
-6:50 AM     Change water from bucket
-6:51 AM     Add bleach to disinfect
-7:07 AM     Check cleanliness of bathrooms
-7:09 AM     Put soap in dispenser
-7:15 AM     Step on gum
-7:25 AM     Removes gum with pencil
-8:00 AM     Classes start
-                   Keep an eye out for messes
-                   and keep bathrooms clean
-12:00 PM  
-                   Lunch and sell weed
-1:00 PM
-1:06 PM      Clean Cafeteria
-2:02 PM      Clean toilets
-2:15 PM      Make the floor of the hallways shine
-2:30 PM      Call ambulance for Mrs. Dulchbell, who slipped on shiny floor
-2:50 PM      Ambulance arrives
-2:55 PM      Put signs that floor is wet
-3:04 PM      Take of shoes and glide on shiny floor
-3:40 PM      Classes end
-4:00 PM      Start picking up trash
-4:10 PM      Mop floors
-4:15 PM      Take trash bags to garbage compactor
-4:17 PM      Go to janitors closet
-4:18 PM      Take out supplies
-4:19 PM      Roll up a rizla
-4:20 PM      Smoke a blunt
-4:30 PM      Apply eye drops
-4:37 PM      Mop vomit
-4:46 PM      Set up mouse traps
-4:57 PM      Put bait in traps
-5:00 PM
-                   Wait for the magic to happen
-5:30 PM     Gather up all the dead rats
-5:40 PM     Throw bag'o rats in garbage compactor
-6:02 PM     End work
-6:10 PM     Stuck in traffic
-6:16 PM     Road rage
-6:50 PM     Get home
-7:00 PM     Grab a cold one and watch Seinfeld
-8:00 PM     After 20, pass out
-1:08 AM    Pee like a race horse
-1:16 AM    Back to bed
-4:00 AM     Rinse, Repeat!


  1. Janitors smoke a lot of blunts lol

  2. Their life doesnt seem very awesome...

  3. HAHAHA funny posting man supporting

  4. "-7:00 PM Grab a cold one and watch Seinfeld
    -8:00 PM After 20, pass out"
    Sounds like a good day to me. :D

  5. Lol...bait traps....wait for the 'magic to happen'...collect dead rats - I lol'd

  6. Hahaha. I feel bad for not being friendly to the janitors in school now.

  7. What do you use for traps? I had a mouse problem before. Some suggested peanut butter but I never got a catch.

  8. Agreed with Chris, but still, msoke weed every day!


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